Cas Public marks another first as our artistic director, Hélène Blackburn, has chosen to work alongside Pierre Lecours to create her next choreography, Gold, a work for audiences aged 4 and over. Cas Public has the ability to inspire wonder and awe among young audiences. Working alongside long-time colleague Pierre Lecours, Hélène Blackburn again delivers ample proof with Gold, a thrilling quartet for audiences aged 4 and over. In this sixth instalment in the youth series first presented in 2000, the company revisits one of the masterpieces of classical music, Glenn Gould’s inimitable recording of the Goldberg Variations by Johann Sebastian Bach. Drawing inspiration from this famed recording, whose extraordinary richness of form, harmony, rhythm and technical refinement is celebrated the world over, the performers invent a powerful dance imbued with poetry and trompe-l’œil effects. By boldly converting everyday children’s objects and drawing on its trademark playful approach, Cas Public literally transforms the stage into a theatre, a place where reality meets illusion, a game of hide-and-seek that will appeal to parents and children alike!


Choreography Hélène Blackburn and Pierre Lecours, with the invaluable collaboration of dancers

Lighting Andréanne Deschênes

Scenography Martin Bryson, Samuel Thériault

Design of robots and accessories Martin Bryson, Samuel Thériault

Music Les Variations Goldberg de Johann Sebastian Bach par Glenn Gould

Assemblies and recomposition of Variations 8, 14 and 21 Martin Tétreault

Costumes design Hélène Blackburn, Daniel Fortin

Video Samuel Thériault, Josué Bertolino